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Train for the City and Guilds Work-Based Diplomas (Levels 1 to 3), BHS Exams and Tailor Made Courses to Suit Your Individual Needs

Work-based diploma in horse care - Level 1

This course is ideal for those who wish to pursue a career with horses but who lack the experience. It's also popular with first time horse owners and parents of "pony mad" children.


Course contents include:


Basic daily horse care, grooming, tack and clothing fitting and care and health and safety considerations.


Riding on the Flat is an optional unit.


Successful candidates can progress to Level 2, BHS Stage 2, etc.

Work-based diploma in horse care - Level 2

Entry level for those who have relevant horse care experience and an ideal progression from Level 1.


Course contents include:


Stable management and horse care, including basic health care, lungeing, transporting, plaiting, etc.


Riding units include:


Ride schooled horses

Jump schooled horses

Ride on the road




Exercise horses in the open

Ride and lead horses

Ride on the road


Successful candidates can progress to Level 3, BHS Stage 3, farriery, jockey training or employment as a groom, etc.



Work-based diploma in horse care and management - Level 3


This course is for those who are serious in pursuing a career with horses.


Course contents include:


Training in the running of a yard and the care of a variety of horse types including health care and treatments, anatomy, preparing for specialist work and public appearance, lunge/long-reining, transport, grassland management, clipping, etc.


Optional pathways include:


Equine yard management



Care of performance horses


Successful candidates can progress to NVQ 4 Equine Management, BHS Stage 4, Equine Degree Courses and career opportunities as a riding instructor, yard manager, elite groom, professional rider, vet nursing, etc.

We work in partnership with the College of West Anglia to run City and Guilds work-based diplomas at Limes Equestrian. Your equine career starts right here.